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Benefits of Sales Force Excel Connector



Salesforce excel connector makes the productivity to be high. With the development of these previous tool methods of transferring data as copy and pasting have gone with time. This excel connector is capable of moving data directly from Excel to Salesforce. As this is going to improve the productivity since the speed at which work is done cannot be compared to manual or other data manipulation tools hence improving the productivity. It is also going to reduce the boredom of copy pasting, and this may also increase concentration.

This data manipulation tool has also been able to replace the manual system of managing the large mass of data. It can update large mass of data within seconds, unlike the manual method which is very slow. Due to its efficiency and speed in managing and updating large amounts of data it has led to increases productivity.

With the use of CELIGO Salesforce excel connector; the security of data has improved. Cases of interference with data by changing the original information have been long forgotten. The excel connector has been designed in such a way that you cannot access the data without permission from the Salesforce administrator. In case you try to access the data without the authorization from the manager, you will be automatically blocked, and this has led to improvement in the safety of data.

The excel connector has also been able to click here and make the analysis and resolution of errors immediately after the data entry. Unlike with other methods of data entry you may realize that you have made a mistake after producing the data. This is going slow down the rate of work done as one item can be done even three times. That would have been used in another important thing. With the Excel connector redoing a particular job is gone with time.

It has also enabled the introduction of many users in a certain type. The number of users that have been enabled by Excel connector is sales representatives, directors, Salesforce administrators and other staff members. This has reduced the issue of sending data to people in the emails after completion has they can able to access the data themselves.


Being that excel connector is a cloud-based application this makes manipulation and analysis of data possible even if there is no preinstalled application. Without preinstalled application, it can still work in office.com or as Excel desktop as Microsoft add-in.